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Product Demo Videos

EnergyTrust® Project Proposal Tool (1:49)

EnergyTrust® is a unique Project Proposal tool developed by Middy’s TechEnergy. The EnergyTrust® software uses your customers energy bills and usage data to generate custom project proposals that are specific to your customers individual requirements.

Billy Slater Home Automation & Solar Installation (2:19)

Middy’s help Billy Slater and his wife Nicole achieve their goal of having an eco friendly smart home with all the latest technologies. The result being a high end, modern home with reduced power bills and remote access via wifi from anywhere in the world.

Middy's SMARTSpec (2:47)

Middy’s SMARTspec is the latest innovation in building design software.

AT&T RJ45 Termination (1:32)

AT&T Cabling Systems Product Management is proud to announce the new “Field Termination Plug”, offering new ways for upgrading LAN infrastructures and data centers.

TechEnergy Home Auto Case Study (1:01)

Home Automation, or as we like to call it, Lifestyle Control is swiftly taking over so it’s time to get on board and understand what technology is readily available.

Ideal FT45 Plugs and Crimping Tool (1:25)

The IDEAL Feed-Thru RJ-45 Modular Plugs and FT-45™ Crimping Tool are designed to simplify and improve the consistency of cable to connector termination of CAT5e and CAT6 modular plugs to twisted pair cables. Anyone who has assembled traditional standard or multi-piece modular plugs.

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Varta Battery Storage Installation (14:17)

VARTA Home Energy Storage System Installation.