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Capitol Cinema Solar Install Case Study

TechEnergy Representative, Leigh Stacey, approached Capitol Cinema to see whether there was any interest in discussing solar, as TechEnergy had recently completed an installation on the Warrnambool Hotel. Talks developed and it became evident that Capitol Cinema would be ideally suited for a solar panel installation, which would substantially reduce their grid usage and ultimately decrease their power bill

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LED Lighting Changeover Case Study

Middy's Ballarat Sales Rep, Jason Ryan and TechEnergy Rep, Leigh Stacey approached Alstom Transport at their manufacturing facility in Ballarat to discuss the benefits of an LED Lighting changeover and offer a quote and ROI on their existing 290 x 400W Mecury Vapour Highbays.

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Pyrenees Timber is a family run sawmill in Chute, Victoria between Melbourne and Adelaide. They mill and supply hardwood to wholesalers, industry and the general public. Always on the lookout, as a business, to see how they can be more energy efficient and responsible for the environment, they approached Middy's TechEnergy to help with a solar installation project.

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CDSCC New Control Room Case Study

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) is part of an international network that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions as well as making radio and radar astronomy observations, in pursuit of pure science. Managed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of the Australian Government, it forms part of NASA’s Deep Space Network as one of three tracking stations across the world.

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Dayco LED Lighting Upgrade Case Study

Dayco is a global leader in research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products and drive systems for cars, trucks, construction and industry and constantly looks to optimise efficiency in its workplace environments. Accessing a New South Wales Government energy saver initiative scheme, Dayco undertook an upgrade of existing Metal Halide Highbays to new Haneco Skypad 150W Light Emitting Diode (LED) Highbays at their automotive plant in Wagga Wagga, NSW. The impact on operations was immediate, reducing hefty maintenance costs and lowering energy consumption for the manufacturing site.

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In the wake of a large scale update of street lighting around the Warrnambool foreshore precinct, a lack of light was still identified in some areas at the conclusion of the project. Solar G Light House systems were then selected and utilised to address this urgent requirement.

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Middy’s TechEnergy and D2 Lighting were engaged by BAE Systems to conduct a review of their maintenance hangar at Melbourne Airport. BAE were required to undertake a number of upgrade projects (including lighting) to bring the hangar up to Australian Standards. The project benefits include an annual saving of $45k and increased lux reading by 1860% (276.4 lux).

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Eureka Towers LED Refurbishment

Our Middy’s TechEnergy team works with you on any size project to ensure you are offering your customers the most advanced products and energy efficient solutions available. 1500 LED lights were installed in all common areas of the Eureka Tower to reduce energy consumption by 80%. The ROI was only 6 months with project lifetime savings over $1m and a significant CO2 reduction.

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